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Hi there! 👋

Richard here. Full-stack dev & development manager at mine and my friends small company.

I started as a web designer back in 2008, but slowly transitioned to building web apps myself. Back in a day PHP, SQL, vanilla JS with CSS was all you needed. I've spent a good amount of time s*itcoding Laravel & WordPress projects. To this day there will be no peace from dev friends making fun of me for that. 😅

Time changed and past 4 years I've been happily doing Vue.js, MongoDB and GraphQL stacked web apps. I still sharpen my UI/UX skills now and then, but primarily I spend A LOT of time managing servers & "designing" architecture for my next project. In addition to all above - I love pen-testing and auditing out-dated solutions.

Currently my goals are befriending like-minded dev writers online, open-source more of my work on GitHub and establish my professional dev presence - hence the Sponsor page for those who want to support me on my journey.

I write articles here at Hashnode, Medium and I almost always open-source my code in my GitHub profile.Occasionally I tweet via my Twitter account. Oh and rarely I do share some prettier web app code snippets via

If you read this far - thanks for taking your time and let's keep in touch! ✋

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